Fish Processing Machinery
  • Fish Scaling Machine

    Fish Scaling Machine

    Automatically remove fish scale and discharge fishes with rate of more than 99%;Can be used for various fishes of different sizes; hairbrush structure ensures clean scaling effect and no damage to fishes.

  • Fish Skinning Machine

    Fish Skinning Machine

    Fish skin can be peeled automatically with high work rate of 99%, which amounts to 30-50 workers’ operation capacity. The blades can be adjusted front and back up and down so it can be applied to any kind of fish.

  • Fish Meat Separator

    Fish Meat Separator

    Both freshwater fishes and marine fishes can be processed by this fish meat separating machine; the big fishes need to be cut into proper segments before fleshing, and the small fishes can be fleshed directly. Also applicable for collecting shrimp.

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