Meat Machinery
  • Fish Scaling Machine

    Fish Scaling Machine

    Automatically remove fish scale and discharge fishes with rate of more than 99%;Can be used for various fishes of different sizes; hairbrush structure ensures clean scaling effect and no damage to fishes.

  • Fish Skinning Machine

    Fish Skinning Machine

    Fish skin can be peeled automatically with high work rate of 99%, which amounts to 30-50 workers’ operation capacity. The blades can be adjusted front and back up and down so it can be applied to any kind of fish.

  • Fish Meat Separator

    Fish Meat Separator

    Both freshwater fishes and marine fishes can be processed by this fish meat separating machine; the big fishes need to be cut into proper segments before fleshing, and the small fishes can be fleshed directly. Also applicable for collecting shrimp.

  • Quantitative Vacuum Sausage Filler

    Quantitative Vacuum Sausage Filler

    It fills the sausage under the vacuum condition, the vacuum degree can reach -0.09Mpa and reduces the amount of bacteria to the minimum; Can be used with automatic sausage tying machine and sausage clipping machine to realize the automatic production

  •  Hydraulic Sausage Filling Machine

    Hydraulic Sausage Filling Machine

    Our Hydraulic Sausage Filling Machine improves the working efficiency greatly, suitable for filling kinds of materials and making different kinds of sausages.

  • Sausage Tying Machine

    Sausage Tying Machine

    Semi-automatic Sausage Tying Machine is commonly used with sausage filling machine to tie the final filled sausage. Suitable for tying varied casing, like pig casing, sheep casing, collagen casing and plastic casing, etc

  • Bone Crushing Machine

    Bone Crushing Machine

    Bone Crusher can grind different kinds of animal bones, like pork, cow, chicken, fish bone and so on. The final fineness can be 3-5mm. can be used with Bone Paste Grinder to make bone paste.

  • Bone Paste Grinding Machine

    Bone Paste Grinding Machine

    The Bone Paste Grinder Machine is commonly used with Bone Crushing Machine to make bone paste. Bone Paste Grinder Machine is user-friendly, easy to clean and of wide applied range.

  • Automatic Chicken Cutting Machine

    Automatic Chicken Cutting Machine

    Chicken cutting machine can cut fresh and frozen chicken meat and other meat into cubes. Adjustable cube sizes, no minced meat.

  • Bowl Cutter

    Bowl Cutter

    Bowl cutter is a key equipment in meat products process, is the answer for better product color, appearance, taste, texture, quality and higher yields, which is the exact property our bowl cutter has.

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