Meat Machinery
  • Brine Injector Machine

    Brine Injector Machine

    This brine injector machine is widely used in the pickling of beef, pork, duck breast, and roast, ham, sausage, etc. Suitable for hotels, restaurant, schools, canteens and meat processing factories.

  • Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine

    Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine

    It can mix the meat and the seasonings under vacuum condition, suitable for frozen food, sea food, prepared food, ready-to-cook meat product, and meat soaked food, etc. and also it can be applied for sausage production line and other meat processing.

  • Meat Smoking Machine

    Meat Smoking Machine

    Automatic meat smoking machine can be used for processing sausage, ham, poultry meat and aquatic products, etc with high quality of good color and taste. Driven by electricity or steam, just depending on your choice.

  • Jacketed Kettle

    Jacketed Kettle

    We have two kinds: Steam Jacketed Kettle and Electric Jacketed Kettle. All the parts that touch the food material are made of high-quality stainless steel which is in accordance with GMP standards.

  • Meat Grinding Machine

    Meat Grinding Machine

    Our meat grinder is to process meat after cut into slices or small pieces, grinding them into meat granules of different sizes according to different process requirements, which can be the pre-work for bowl cutting and mixing.

  • Frozen Meat Slicer

    Frozen Meat Slicer

    This meat slicing machine can cut frozen meat into slices directly, not need to defrost meat in head; usually work together with bowl cutter used in meat shops, delis, grocery stores and restaurants, etc.

  • Meat Dicing Machine

    Meat Dicing Machine

    This meat dicing machine can be used to dice frozen meat, fresh meat, cooked meat into meat cubes, shreds, slices and strips. The cutting thickness can be adjusted between 4-30 mm.

  • Meat Shredding Machine

    Meat Shredding Machine

    Primarily our meat shredding machines are designed to give the product the "pulled pork" look. However it can also cut various kinds of fresh meat into strips, slices, pieces and cubes with different sizes & shapes.

  • Automatic Meat Mixer Machine

    Automatic Meat Mixer Machine

    Meat mixing machine is usually applicable to make stuffing for sausage, bologna, meat ball, ham, hot dog, patty, meat pie, dumpling, etc. Can be equipped with Meat Patty Making Machine to produce the meat patty.

  • Automatic Meat Patty Machine

    Automatic Meat Patty Machine

    Automatic Meat Patty Machine is ideal meat or vegetables patty molding equipment for making hamburger meat patty, our automatic meat patty machine can be equipped with different molds to make different shapes of meat patties.

  • Vacuum Meat Mixer

    Vacuum Meat Mixer

    Used for granular, powdery, pulpy, mushy and pasty raw materials; This blending machine is an ideal choice for producing sausage and meat balls, an optional machine for dumpling, wanton, etc.

  • Meatball Forming Machine

    Meatball Forming Machine

    This meatball making machine is mainly used to produce fish balls, shrimp meatballs, chicken meatballs, pork balls, beef balls, mutton balls,etc. The meat ball produced by this machine has good quality in size, taste and texture.

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