Frozen Meat Slicer
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This frozen meat slicer is mainly to cut the frozen meat into slices of different thickness. This commercial frozen meat slicer provides a convenient and smooth way of slicing meat and it is normally used in meat shops, delis, grocery stores and restaurants, etc.

frozen meat slicing working guidance

Frozen Meat Slicer Features
1. Frozen meat is processed into flakes directly without thawing, which saves thawing time, improving work efficiency, at the same time, keeps meat freshness and nutrition.
2. Slice thickness is adjustable according specific process requirements.
3. Used with frozen meat grinder, reducing the working intensity and prolonging the service life of meat grinder.
4. Balanced barycenter, widen machine frame, reinforced shaving plate and specially designed cutter, all these reasonable designs ensure a stable performance for long working time.



Frozen Meat Slicer Safety Regulation

◆ Before starting, check if the protective equipment and the power source are in normal condition for working.
◆ 2-3 minutes’ test operation is necessary before working to ensure the slicer stable performance.
◆ During working, no hands touch the products being processed.
◆ After working, shut off the power, clean the slicer with dry cloth and add food-grade lube to prevent rust, but no water to wash the machine.

Frozen Meat Slicer Application

Widely used for frozen meat handling in meat products processing plants, leisure food plants, Chinese restaurants and western restaurants, etc.

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