Hydraulic Sausage Filling Machine
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    I need a sausage filling machine for my sausage production line, and i choose this hydraulic sausage filling machine from Amisy, it turns out to be good.
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    I own a small meat processing plant, and one of my fellow recommended Amisy hydraulic sausage filling machine. I bought one a month ago, it really has a good performance.

Hydraulic Sausage Filler is the necessary equipment for sausage production line, especially for stuffing kinds of sausages. It has better performance for filling dry stuffing than other kinds of sausage filler. This machine is equipped with the hopper and butterfly valve, so it can stuff sausages continuously without lifting the cover. Our Hydraulic Sausage Filling Machine improves the working efficiency greatly. Besides, we also supply quantitive vacuum sausage filling machine, you can make a comparison and choose which you prefer.

Italian sausage

Features of Hydraulic Sausage Filling Machine

1. Sealed hydraulic oil system
2. High-efficiency. Work continuously without lifting the cover.
3. Suitable for filling kinds of materials and making different kinds of sausages.
4. Made of 304 stainless steel, durable and reliable.
5. Unique water cooling system for the hydraulic pressure station

Hopper volume 
Total power
Filling diameter 


Applications of Hydraulic Sausage Filler

1. Hydraulic sausage filling machine is the ideal equipment to fill sausage of various specifications and is suitable for filling different kinds of casings, such as animal casing, collagen casing and plastic casing.
2. Hydraulic sausage filling machine is the necessary equipment of the small and medium meat product processing companies, especially for the processing of sausages.
3. Can make different diameter sausage: 12-48mm 

Video of Hydraulic Sausage Filling Machine

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